Taboo Pervert Stories: The Homeless babe

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April 2 years ago
I been there when ur hungry u will do anything I had a family pic me up mom dad son n uncle USD me 3 days
Don 2 years ago
Picked up girl hitching took her home cleaned her up feed her then fucked her for almost a month, then I put her on a bus to her home town, she thanked me and left.
At a boy 2 years ago
At least have the girl without fancy nails. And a bit too much make-up on. Realism make the story better. A girl looking like her would never be homeless for long
Tony 1 year ago
Now thats the way i like to fuck Every single bitch
MY.DOOM.66 2 years ago
How’s she get her nails done?
Boo 1 year ago
Ya homeless nails done belly button ring n a shaved pussy gimme a break
Hottie 2 years ago
Ine Troy 1 year ago
I wanna a pussy to fuck
Jai 3 years ago
Nada es de a gratis
Exiexiexitante 3 years ago
No que hijo de puta,si vas a ayudar haslo,porque quieres ayudar no por algo mas